Central Texas Lone Stars
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Our regular dance nights are 1st & 3rd Thursdays, with a Plus workshop starting at 7:00 and Mainstream (only) dancing from 7:45-9:30(+/-) pm at Gober Party House, 1516 W Ave H, Temple, Texas.

At our 'Regular Dances', we dance Mainstream only, no Plus, except in the workshop. We invite you to join in on the Fun and Fellowship.

Between tips, we usually have rounds, lines or two-stepping going on for those that wish to participate.

There is plenty of time to socialize with your friends over a cup of coffee or tea, while enjoying a snack. You may come as a stranger, but you'll leave as a friend!

We are a member club of The Heart of Texas Square and Round Dance Association.

Central Texas Lone Stars

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Updated 12 March, 2013